I am interested in our relationship with the spaces we occupy and what defines the way we respond to them.
I want to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and make them question how they experience their environment.
By manipulating captured video I create almost frozen moments in time. I then enhance the natural ambient soundtrack to create a rhythmic and mesmerising contradiction full of motion and life.
These re-engineered moments are then projected onto the structures of their original environment, but not necessarily in the same place as the source footage. The result is a reshaping and restructuring of the space which it turn alters the viewer’s perception of it.
The host space has a natural symbiotic relationship with the projection as it wraps and distorts around it’s familiar corners and protrusions. The altered soundtrack finds a new resonance determined by the environment’s shape and surface.
The result of this reshaping process triggers the viewer’s questioning of the physical known and the non-physical projection.